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Meet Our AKC Registered Labs

Labs have proven time and time again to be the most consistently versatile working dogs on the planet. We breed and train Labradors from the finest European and American Stock available to meet the needs of our working and gundog clients.

It is our objective to produce Labs that are sound of mind and body and able to perform in any working environment be it public access service dog work, the local wood duck hole, on the prairie in search of pheasant and other upland game, or the punishing sands of the Middle East.

We Breed For:

  • Environmental Stability
  • Hunting desire and ability
  • Natural retrieve
  • Prey Drive
  • Food Drive
  • Trainability
  • Calm nature out of drive
  • Gentle temperament


HR UH Yadkin River’s Althea

(Yadkin River’s Prairie Charles x Yadkin River’s Bonnie Sue)

DOB: 07/19/2018

AKC: SS06749802

UKC: R303-011

OFFA: Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal

EIC: Negative by DNA

Bred of British field stock by our friends Yadkin River Kennels in Lenoir, NC, Althea is a guide dog, training assistant, nanny, hostess, and house pet.  She can be seen daily at Grayson’s heel as they train the dogs in residence.  Althea’s day job is to flush and retrieve game for the pointing dogs, a function which she has performed with impeccable manners thousands of times.  Though she is a finished handling retriever, Althea is a master of independently tracking down wounded game on land and water.  She has never met a stranger and can be trusted to mill about and interact gently and unobtrusively with guests and their children.  Next time you see Grayson, ask him who he considers his most versatile dog.


Yadkin River’s Lucy

(Tibea Johnnie Walker x Yadkin’s Tin Roof Sally Mae)

DOB: 03/22/2019

AKC: SS11135402

OFA: Hips “Excellent” and Elbows “Normal”

DNA clear of PRA, CNM, EIC, and HNPK (Embark)



Bred of British field stock by Yadkin River Kennels, Lucy is a hard charging, retrieving machine.  She is sweet and biddable out of drive, and highly trainable.  Lucy is the Companion Gundog of our friend, Jake and is equally at home in the field and house.

Available Started & Finished Labs

Occasionally, we will have started and finished Labrador Retrievers for sale to the public. When they are available, you will find them here.

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Available and Planned Litters

Quality Labrador Retriever pups are occasionally available to purchase, check back for information on future matings.

HRCH Mitchell River Redman “Cecil” X HR Yadkin River Althea (All Sold)

Pups whelped 9 April 2022 Althea delivered nine healthy pups

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