Training Service

Grayson knows that each dog is different and should be trained and handled accordingly. Each dog will be given a two-week evaluation at the kennel at which point we will make contact to discuss expectations and how we will proceed with your dog.

Pointing Dog Training

Retriever Training

In-Home Companion Gun Dog Training

Basic Pointing Dog Training

(Average time in training is 2 months)

  • Introduction to live game birds
  • Introduction to the gun
  • Conditioning to remote collar
  • Recall on command
  • Whoa in the yard (both silent and on command)
  • Nurtured and developed natural retrieve

Advanced Pointing Dog Training

(Average time in training is 3 months beyond the basic stage)

The “breaking” or steadiness process will not be rushed as each dog moves at its own pace. Often times it is necessary for the dog to be sent home for a hunting season to gain experience and mature before returning for further training.

  • Removing the “chase”
  • Steadiness before the flush

Retriever Training

Grayson takes a limited number of retrievers in for basic training.

Basic Retriever Training

(Average time in training is between 3-5 months)

  • On lead obedience (heel, here, sit)
  • Collar conditioning (off leash transition)
  • Conditioned Retrieve (natural, marked, and/or forced retrieve)
  • Intro to the gun
  • Intro to live game
  • Steadiness on marked game
  • Beginning cold blind retrieves

Conditioned Retrieve Training

(Average time in training is 6 weeks)

In addition to nurturing and developing your dog’s natural retrieving ability, Grayson utilizes both reward-based systems (marker/clicker) and compulsion based systems (force fetch) to build a well rounded, nonslip retrieve.

Companion Gun-Dog Training

Few things in life are as satisfying as enjoying a pleasant day afield with your buddy.  Grayson takes a limited number of companion gun-dogs into his home for training.

It takes discipline to adhere to the ritualistic lifestyle required to develop quality companion dogs for the home and field.  While in residence with our trainers your dog will learn to control its impulses to earn rewards and avoid corrections. He or she will develop the skills to thrive under control of the handler in all environments.  When you and your hunting partners enjoy spending time around your dog chances of success in the field increase dramatically.

In addition to the field and obedience training that all dogs in residence here receive… Your dog will accompany us on daily errands, relax in “place“ during office hours, spend time interacting with our families and guest.  Essentially, your dog will live as one of our own.