Grayson Guyer’s training knowledge and skill are together like a Swiss Army knife of dog training. But maybe that analogy works only if your Swiss Army knife was an original, issued to a highly-decorated Swiss Army officer and passed down over the generations with each part of the multi tool fine-tuned to their individual purposes by a master craftsman. From bomb detection to diabetes alert to general in-home pet obedience to bird dog training, the guy does it all, with the same gentle demeanor and obvious affection for his charges, no matter the dog and no matter the task. He’s whip-smart, and is as impressive and entertaining in describing the why and how of his training (get ready for some animal training esoterica!) as he is effective in imparting to the dogs he trains the behaviors and skills their owners are hoping they’ll achieve. He brought my Brittany along much further in staunchness on point than I had dreamed anyone could in the few short weeks we could bear to be apart from him and he’s coached me via many phone calls and texts to continue his training progress, which has been equally valued by me. Most importantly, my wife and I just trust him with our beloved boy. To know Grayson is to immediately be impressed by his sincerity and genuineness and his care for and affection for the dogs in his care. I just couldn’t recommend a dog trainer more highly.