Pups Due: 19 Oct 2021

6 Deposits will be accepted when pregnancy is confirmed.

Rudy is a very talented field trial winner from the UK who has proven to be a prepotent stud during his time in the US.  Pups from Rudy share his cool, calm demeanor out of drive and his enthusiasm for work in the field and water. Link to Rudy’s Home Page (Health info at link).

Lucy is a very powerful and highly driven bitch in the field with a very amiable nature out of drive.  She is a compact ball of muscle weighing in at 45lbs.  Lucy is highly trainable and is a joy to be around.  Lucy has OFA “Excellent Hips” and “Normal Elbows”.  Embark Panel: Lucy’s Embark Panel

FTW Timber Talent “Rudy” X Yadkin River’s Lucy FTW Timber Talent ( YLW )
FTW Cacklebury Next In Line ( UNKN )
FTCH Mansengreen Diesel Of Birdsgreen ( BLK )
Greenwrythe Fern ( UNKN )
Lindrob Peal Beauty ( UNKN )
FTCH Brackenbird Minnow ( UNKN )
Pretty Yellow Clover ( UNKN )
Yadkin River’s Lucy ( BLK )
Hips: LR-255701E26F-VPI (Excellent)
Elbows: LR-EL103985F26-VPI (Normal)
EIC: DNM1 GG (Clear)
Tibea Johnnie Walker ( UNKN )
FTCH Brackenbird Minnow ( UNKN )
Ftw Fowlersmoon Tipple By Olivertash ( UNKN )
Yadkin’s Tin Roof Sallie Mae ( UNKN )
Yadkin’s Prairie’s Butch Mccrae ( UNKN )
Ellie Mae Yadkin’s Dynasty ( UNKN )