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l’Epagneul Breton | The Front Seat Gundog

If you’re like me, you’re probably sitting at your desk dreaming of a cool morning in the fall of the year in some bit of black water creek bottom, on an old mountain logging road, or in some tangled field edge listening intently to the soft music of your dog’s bell and hoping that it suddenly falls silent. The EpagneulBreton, commonly referred to in the US as the French Brittany was my response to this reoccurring daydream. I needed a dog that was manageable in the house and shared my deep passion for chasing woodcock and grouse in the creek bottoms and hillsides of Southern Appalachia and these little dogs more than fit that bill.

The EB, originally valued by poachers for helping bag game off the estates of French gentry has been selectively bred for over a century as the quintessential family companion come gun dog. Their compact size, affectionate and easy going nature, drive for game, intelligence, and natural hunting ability have made them one of the most popular sporting breeds on the planet.

Come join us for a hunt sometime and see for yourself why these little dogs have earned the reputation of being angels in the home and demons in the field.


Lost Highway’s Noble Pete

Pete’s info. here.

Navy Crockett du Hokumpoke “Crockett”

Crockett’s info. here.


TopperLyn Karma “Ella”

Ella’s info. here.

Available and Planned Litters

Planned Litter for Spring 2019