Book Report: Training with Mo, by Martha Greenlee


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Martha Greenlee is an amateur trainer and breeder form South Central VA where she owns and operates Piney Run Kennels.  She has been training within the West method since the ‘90s.  Published by Mr David Webb of Glade Run Press.


Who is Mo

-“Gentle hands and a clear mind are the best tools to train a dog.”

-Very brief history (West Method)

-Plans for the future


My experience with Maurice Lindley

-Early days on the internet

-Reading Training with Mo for the first time

-Meeting in person (pinch collar story)


Conversation with Martha

-Her history with dogs and the method

-Dave Walker (Spoon Story, Baby vs Dog)

-Meeting Mo through Dave Walker

-Bill Gibbons (Pinch Collar)

-Meeting Bill West once

-Gen. history and philosophy

-Legend of Mr Wong

-Eastern vs western thinking/values

-Letting the dog teach the bird

-Reward based way of thinking


The Book:



Training with Mo is a how to book for those wishing to practice the West Method.

-The book is broken into three parts

-the first two are a step by step guide to the using the method

-Early Training

-Formal Training

-the third is “Training advice”

-itemized list of common problems and potential solutions

-“Three Tales” (Case studies)



-It is concisely written

-Mo’s mento Paul Long quote (paraphrased) “if you cant write a how to book in under 100 pages…”

-It is effective

-Its well written

-It accomplishes its objectives



-I use it as a text and give it away.