Retriever History

St Johns Water Dog

-Origins in Canada (Fisherman’s Dog)

-Sit quiet for long periods of time on boat.  Come into drive when time to work.

-Exported to UK (Labrador origins, Curly, Flat, Golden)

-Developed into gundog

-Reimported to NA from UK

-First Trials in the US

-Chessie/Lab split


Hunting Dog Confidential 

-Episodes 7-10




-Trial Systems

-Hunt Tests

-Style of hunting 


-Trials/Tests and Lineage


-Dave Elliot

-Cotton Pershall

-Bobby George

-Training systems



-Rex Carr


-Spaniel Tests

General thoughts on UK/American split



My experience and my current dogs 


-Hunting with bird dogs

-The ultimate companion gundog (if you can only have one dog)



-The Labrador Shooting Dog by Mike Gould

-Special Thanks to Landon Lovell

-Training Retrievers, The Cotton Pershall Method


-1967 Sports Illustrated article on Super Chief “Supy”, handler: Augie Belmont, 

Trainer/Coach: Rex Carr


-RTF (Retriever Training Forum) Search Function 

-Dave Elliot 

-Cotton Pershall


-Rex Carr