Selecting a breeder/breeding.

            -Your objectives

                        -Why I have Labs and EBs

                        -What type of hunting do you do?

                                    -Where do you live and hunt?

                        -How much hunting do you do?

                        -Family/home situation?

Bringing your new puppy home.


            -Intro to family and other animals

            -Set boundaries for pup and people (kids especially)

Use of the crate.

            -Why isolation is important


Controlling food and using it to manipulate behavior.

            -Reward based games


The power of ritual.

            -General thoughts

Bonding and general environmental exposure.

            -Carry the puppy everywhere but have a plan.

            -Nature walks

The first year afield (The Lost Highway Way).

            -Bird exposure (pen raised)

                        -Build chase

                        -Build Drive

                        -Let them roll

                        -Make a monster

            -Gunfire Exposure

-Taming the monster

                        -Slowly add structure

                        -Let the birds teach them (more allusive over time)

                        -Launcher work

                        -Why I train on loose birds in the wood