Where this has been covered before.

            -GDIY, No Whoa

My Previous Podcasts

            -The first year afield

The importance of chase (Money in the bank)

            -Making the monster

                        -Compare and contrast with protection sports (my background, jacksonville schutzhund club, puppy development).  The importance of never lacking confidence.  Back pressure, drive building. Differences between pointing dogs, retrievers, herders (Upland work, retrieving work, protection work)

-Making the predator

            -Puppy comes to the field looking for the prey.  Keep away is fine. Valuable resource.

            -Making the hunting dog

                        -The environment (West method). Pigeons/launchers, chase/restrain vs chase/cap.  Notice I’ve not mentioned whoa.  Still have and

            -Making the bird dog

                        – Tapering/managing chase, loose birds in the woods.

-Moving onto stopping in motion.

            Stop and stand, whoa, whatever you call it, as we’re not using it in the presence of the bird (downwind) doesn’t have to follow a linear progression with bird work.  The layout of my training cycle makes it advantageous to come back to it after chase management.  Static collar “cue” vs R- for motion.

Does chase management apply to flushers?

            -I think so, but at the risk of softening the flush.

                        -The great thing about flushers is that we never have to limit capture and possession.  I don’t mind balancing on the edge of steadiness until it becomes habit and the dogs sees and understands “the big picture” (Training with Mo)


            -Bird season openings (Jan)

            -St Hubert

                        -Three Rivers and The Bird Dog Society

            -Bird Dog Society workshop in September