Recap of last episode (Drive Capping) Focusing on Premack, Drive Neutrality, and Suppression.

-Define Premack 

-A principle of reinforcement which states that an opportunity to engage in more probable behaviors (or activities) will reinforce less probable behaviors or activities.

-Heeling as a pathway to reinforcement (swinging to heel becomes a reinforcer)

-Release to probable behavior (somewhat) becoming a reinforcement marker

-Chase in pointing dogs

-Drive neutrality

-Changing sequences (breaking patterns)

-Holding blind into heeling routine

-Denials (rethinking denials) 

-Gunfire at steady by blind in NAVHDA UT

-Benefits of patterning —-> Then potentially breaking pattern

-Gunfire out of order in sequence

-Counter conditioning gunfire as a release and as a trigger for drive expression.

-Drive Suppression

-unintentional patterning

-exposure with no satiation

-competing reinforcer

-Slow introduction into drive intensifying scenarios

-food, toy play, in proximity to training 

-training area with no other distractions

-slowly add distractions

Hard Mouth in Gundogs


-Why it exists (Genetics vs Environment)

-High predation (drive building)

-High possession (tug o war)

-High independence (lack of early social development)

-Competitive aggression (Aggressing game in the presence of handler)

-Resource value (value games)

-Resource guarding (in tandem with hard mouth) not uncommon


-Why it doesn’t 

-Why do we see some dogs that are high in prey without problematic predatory behaviors.

-Handler engagement

-High in socially appropriate attributes

-“Retrieve drive”

-Natural retrieve development

How to “fix” it

Trained retrieve (conditioned and disciplinary)

-Condition retrieve of unsatisfying objects then transfer appropriate behaviors to satisfying objects.

-Neutralizing prey triggers (working in different drives or lower states of drive)


-Reward based 

-Condition picking up/carrying/delivering

-Neutral delivery target (place board) to alleviate handler conflict

-May fail as value of prey item increases

-Spiked harness, wire bristle brushes, etc

-Force Fetch


My experiences