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Grayson and Jason Crafter have collaborated to create a foundation tracking course to offer to the public.

Jason Crafter

Born in Zimbabwe, Jay has both US and British military experience having trained working dog teams for the US Special Operations Command, as well as several US Police Departments working in a variety of roles. Jay qualified as a Class 1 trainer with the British Army’s Royal Army Veterinary Corps. He has extensive experience training working dogs for conservation efforts in Africa.

Jay offers a unique holistic training and advisory package for the implementation of working dog programs. He has a proven track record in areas with analogous challenges. Jay has Established tracking and detection dog units in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya, SA and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Jay is a true subject matter expert in the field of canine tracking.  

Grayson and Jay have worked together in the working dog industry for a decade. Operating in support of DoD, DHS, law enforcement, and various international governmental and non-governmental organizations, they are both seasoned working dog trainers and instructors of trainers and handlers.

The Course

Learn how to develop precision fundamental tracking behaviors in your dog in early training to prepare your dog to work in diverse environments across a wide array species and spoor.  The seminar will last approximately 8 hours with a 1 hour break for lunch.  The location is to be determined, but will be within a 1 hour drive of Piedmont Triad Int’l Airport in Greensboro, NC.

The course will be limited to 10 working spots and 5 non working spots.

Cost to attend is $150 for a working spot and $75 for a non-working spot.

Contact Emily at [email protected] to register


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