The power of ritual.

-General thoughts


Bonding and general environmental exposure.

-Carry the puppy everywhere but have a plan.

-Nature walks


Controlling food and using it to manipulate behavior.

-Reward based games



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The first six months 


(Important note) There are no timelines, just milestones


1.     Make a predator


-Build drive

-Build chase

-Drag a check cord

2. Make a hunter

-The importance of incidental contact

-Bird placement

-Same spot then progress to random placement

-Don’t drag them around from bird to bird

-Length of course and number of birds

-The importance of blank walks

3. Gunfire exposure

-Start conservative

-Rehab the gun-shy before it begins





The next six months


1. Make a bird dog

-Taming the monster

-Collar Conditioning

-Too much info for one podcast

-Slowly add structure

-Intro to the training lab, gear, and dance (West Method)


Check cord, pinch collar, e-collar, launcher

-Let the birds teach them (more allusive over time)

-Good birds in the right cover

-Good birds are healthy and spooky

-Launcher work

-Launcher intro

-Creating caution

-Conceptualizing staunchness

-Proofing staunchness on the launcher

-Why I train on loose birds in the woods


-Visual stimulation

-Allows for post flush work


2: Go hunting

-Thoughts on preserves

-How to set a course

-The importance of wild birds


-Next with Stump