Entries are coming in for these 3 weekends of trialing in GA. I’ve had a lot of folks asking for premiums so please share with anyone interested. Dogs must be UKC registered or have a TL number.

Announcing 3 UKC wild bird trials in Georgia: 1st Dec 12 & 13, 2020 GA EBGDC has at Trial on private grounds at Canaan Farms in Pine Mountain GA on wild bobwhite. 2nd Jan 2 & 3 SEPDC has a trial on Tuckahoe WMA in Sylvania GA on Woodcock. 3rd Feb 6 & 7 SEPDC has a trial on private grounds in Dawson GA on wild bobwhite.
All 3 of these properties have exquisite grounds for wild birds and should provide ample opportunities to find game. If you want to have your dog evaluated on wild game in the southeast these 3 trials will provide what you are looking for. Canaan Farm has beautiful cover and Hal Avery works each year to make it better and better. The cover this year has been aided by timely rain. The people match the grounds and are here to share southern hospitality and a good time to come and visit.

The woodcock trial in Sylvania last year had great bird numbers. The grounds are very remote and require we pack our lunch in as the grounds are really far into the swamp. Very enjoyable event but be prepared to stay in the elements. We drive in and will stay in the field, but Lori and I pack in some warm stews and soups to warm the soul as we chase after these migratory birds in beautiful habitat.

The wild bobwhite trial in Dawson GA should finish off the sequence in style. Vic Sullivan has put his heart and soul into these wonderful grounds with high covey numbers on spectacular SW GA habitat.

Event schedule are on UKC site but premium links are not there.
Premiums below: