Retriever Training

Puppy Head Start (6 weeks)

This package is designed for puppies and young dogs 12 weeks to 8 months of age.  We put a special emphasis on helping your pup achieve his/her full genetic potential by promoting boldness, confidence, and desirable behaviors in a pressure free environment. 


-Promotion of desirable behaviors

-Reward based obedience

-Drive building

-Confidence building

-Proper introduction to water

-Proper introduction to live game

-Proper introduction to the gun


Basic Retriever (3 Months)

-This training package has been designed with the waterfowl hunter in mind.  In addition to obedience, steadiness, and clean retrieve to hand, we put a special emphasis on developing game finding desire and ability in your dog.  We strive to provide our basic retriever clients with a well-mannered, class gun dog that conserves game for his or her hunters by bringing even the toughest crippled birds to the bag. 

-Proper introduction to live game

-Proper introduction to the gun

-Off leash obedience

-Trained retrieve to hand

-Steadiness in the blind

-Multiple marked retrieves

-Basic blind game search


Advanced Retriever (5 Months)

The advanced retriever package is for those with hunt test or field trial ambitions for their dog(s) as well as the hardcore water fowler that needs advanced off-leash handling capabilities. 

-Basic retriever skills (above)

-Enhanced line manners (honoring)

-Multiple blind retrieves

-Remote directional handling

-Maintaining proper lines of departure and return on marks and blinds


Pricing dependent upon package